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Garland Landscape, Your Trusted Hardscaping Company

The art of hardscaping plays a pivotal role in the creation of well-balanced and visually appealing outdoor environments. It involves the integration of non-living elements such as stone, brick, concrete, and wood into landscape features like patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens. When done properly, it elevates these areas into breathtaking spaces that seamlessly blend with and enhance the surrounding natural environment. With the help of Garland Landscape, your trusted hardscaping company, you can transform your outdoor living spaces into lush oases that will stand the test of time and beauty.

Founded in 1813 along Duck Creek, the city of Garland, Texas, has a long and colorful history. The community quickly developed from its agricultural roots into a highly diversified small city. The town became an agricultural processing center, with three steam cotton gins and three gristmills by 1890, the year before incorporation. Two significant employers, the Craddock food company and the Byer-Rolnick hat factory, were also established during this time. Garland has since grown into a city with a thriving economy and rich cultural heritage that includes the Garland Landmark Museum, numerous historic homes and churches, and the downtown Garland Historic District.

A garland can be hung from the eaves of your home, framed by the door and window, or used to wreathe your favorite garden sculpture. It can also be hung from the top of a gate, pergola or arbor, around a tree trunk, a light post or a fence. Alternatively, it can be woven into a tree as a living trellis or even wrapped around a Christmas tree. It is a wonderful way to express your delight for the season and keep it with you all winter.

Aside from creating stunning landscapes that are sure to make a lasting impression, Garland Landscape also offers landscaping services such as lawn maintenance and irrigation systems installation. Their team of professionals can improve your lawn by conducting prep work such as weeding and overseeding, and constructing various landscape features including flower beds and walkways. In addition, the company can provide drainage solutions by implementing French drains and designing exit points and paths for water flow. Its professionals are also able to install mulch and construct different types of fences and gates. The company provides a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the area with their landscape needs. To learn more about the services offered by Garland Landscape, visit its website or call its office today.

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